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Observational Pumpkin Paintings


DSC01469What does it mean to observe? When you observe something, you look at it very closely. How can we be good observers? We can look at something very, very closely. We want to notice all the details.

By creating an observational drawing, you are translating what you see in 3-D form (real life) to a 2-D work of art (flattened image).

Observational drawing is the way to exercise the connection between what the eyes see and what ends up on paper. It requires focus as well as attention to detail and the ability to find relationships..

Some principles of observation that apply to drawing from real life are lines and edges, space and shapes, and the relationship between objects. Students in the 2nd grade created observational drawings of different gourds and pumpkins. They selected one of the two and were required to look very closely at all the details of the object creating observational paintings.