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3-D Creative Park Models

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Students in the second grade have been studying about parks and playgrounds in the general classrooms. In an effort to support their classroom studies, students have also been studying the same thing in art and music. In our class, students discussed their knowledge about parks and playgrounds. Students talked about the various things that can be found in a park and playground, how parks and playgrounds are developed, and who decides where parks and playgrounds go. Students discussed how they would design their own park and playground. They first created a drawing of their own playground design. Students of the second grade then learned about the difference between a two dimensional playground model and a three dimensional model. They learned that something that is 3-D, has height, width, and depth. They also learned that 3-D models have many different sides in comparison to something that is two-dimensional with only two sides. Using found materials, students then created their two dimensional concept into a three-dimensional playground model design. They then painted them using fun and bright colors that would be very attractive for kids to play. The second graders had a wonderful time creating these projects. Take a look at what they did. Ask them about the different elements in their park. Some of them included slides, swings, seesaws, rock climbing walls, sliding poles, and sand boxes just to name a few!