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C-Fit’s Art Backdrop Creator- Shani Perez

Last year I had the pleasure of working with a very talented educator Dori O’Brien. Simultaneously pursuing her two loves, Education and childhood fitness, Dori recruited me to create the backdrop for her C-Fit children’s fitness videos. Besides being a ton of fun working on this project, her program is AMAZING and certainly worth downloading! Check out http://www.cfitkids.com/


C-Fit Creator

Dori O’Brien

Dori O’Brien is an elementary school teacher and student of health and wellness. Pursuing these two paths has enabled her to help children improve their health and well-being.
Dori graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Family and Child Development. She later attended the University of San Francisco from where she received her MA in Teaching. While enrolled in school, Dori became a certified group fitness instructor.
For the past ten years, Dori has taught all grades from Pre K-3rd. She has taught in ICT, general education and bilingual classrooms. She created C-Fit with teachers in mind, making it safe to use in the classroom or living room.

About C-Fit


C-Fit LogoWhat is C-Fit?

C-Fit is a children’s fitness program consisting of twelve workouts that include yoga, dance and cross-training. Differentiated for kids at any fitness level, use one set of workouts exclusively or mix and match to create a customized exercise program for children.

Created by teachers for use in the classroom, this program can be used for groups of children ages 5 and up in any setting. C-Fit is conveniently available as an iPad app and an iPhone app. C-Fit does not require special equipment or space and all workouts are taught by trained fitness professionals.

Why is C-Fit Important?

Children in school have less time for physical activity and more sedentary time than ever before. When children don’t have the chance to exercise and release their energy, they become sluggish and have a hard time paying attention in class.

Current guidelines mandate that children need 60 minutes of activity throughout the day, but many schools have been forced to reduce physical education (PE) classes or have cut them completely. According to the Institute of Medicine, only 4% of elementary schools provide daily physical education for their students.

Even schools that are fortunate enough to have a daily PE program rarely fulfill this requirement. This is because PE classes usually focus on learning a sport, which is worthwhile, but does not provide continuous physical activity for a sustained amount of time. Students need to learn the skill of fitness. They need to learn how to exercise their bodies to maintain good health. In addition to PE class, students need physical activity breaks throughout the school day to break up the excessive amounts of time spent sitting in chairs.

Sixty minutes of daily physical activity is mandated for all children in school for good reason…

C-Fit app screenshot

Stay Fit for Life

C-Fit will help children learn how to take care of their bodies. Not all children are athletic or enjoy competition, but all children have the need for regular physical activity. A fitness program will teach them tools that they can use for a lifetime. Exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, lunges and sun salutations will continue to benefit them into adulthood when joining teams and access to sports facilities are no longer a viable option.

C-Fit app screenshot

Good for Your Mind

Exercise is a powerful tool that can optimize your brain function. Studies have shown that exercise stimulates the growth of new brain cells, improves memory, increases the ability to learn and may even slows down the mental deterioration that happens in the brain with old age. What better reasons could there be to make exercise a regular part of a child’s day? Just think of all of the cumulative benefits a child who develops the habit of regular exercise will reap over the course of their lifetime.

Feel Better

Studies have shown that feel-good brain chemicals are released when you exercise. Isn’t that amazing? If you’re feeling down, it perks you up. If you’re feeling tense, it calms you down. Exercise can strengthen self-confidence and promote an overall sense of well-being.

Overall, this is a fitness program for kids that develops their knowledge of physical activity and increases body awareness in a nurturing, non-competitive environment. Studies show that children who exercise regularly are likely to do the same as adults. Healthy children grow up and become healthy adults and a little exercise is exactly what they need.