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China Celebration!!

Thank you to Katie Traxler for putting this beautiful video together to showcase our P.S. 51 ARTS!

3rd Grade China Celebration

PS 51 Third Graders hosted their China Celebration to show off all that they discovered about China over the past several months including facts about fables, geographic landforms and maps, important cities and waterways, historical landmarks, government, festivals, animals, food, people, art, and music.
Special thanks to 3rd Grade teachers Dori, Julia, and Maria for making the magic happen in the classroom and for inspiring our students to really become experts on their subject matter. Thanks to Shani Perez (art) and Rafael Mejia (computer) as well.

Katie Traxler, Music Teacher

Nancy Sing-Bock, Principal

Shani Perez

Music is Yaozu Wuqu.