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Chinese Dragon Clay Sculptures


photo 1DSC00121



Students in the 3rd grade have been studying the Chinese Culture in their general classrooms. In Art, they learned about the Chinese Dragon and its role in the Chinese Culture. The ancient Chinese believed that dragons were real and possessed supernatural powers. Dragons were a symbol of power, strength, luck, honor, greatness, and success. The Dragon was a sign of imperial power in Chinese culture and were often known as the symbol of the Emperors. Chinese Emperors think they are the real dragons and the sons of the heaven. Modern day Chinese still identify themselves as being “the descendants of the dragon”. There were many types of dragons. The chinese dragon was a visual combination of nine different animals and could often be seen in the lucky colors of the Chinese culture.

Students learned that dragon figurines were very popular in Chinese culture. In this project students created Chinese Dragon clay figurines using techniques such as pressing, pinching, rolling, kneading. Take a look at what they did!!