Fashion Team 2010-2011 Jun01


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Fashion Team 2010-2011

Fashion Team 2010-2011The Fashion Enrichment Group was started 3 years ago in September of 2008. Fashion Enrichment is a program that educates young students about the Fashion Design industry.

In the fashion enrichment program, students learn the basics of the fashion designing and specific drawing techniques. They use materials such as marker paper, chartpak markers and design portfolios just like college students. After learning about and designing their own collection inspired by a fruit, they chose one design to sew and wear.

From having very little knowledge of the fashion industry, these students evolve into a junior designer after 1 year and a senior designer after 2. The junior/senior designers and their inspirations are list below.


Nailah Malik- Mangosteen                        Queenie Xie- Pineapple

Shanna Parra- Dragon Fruit                     Samantha Miller- Apricot

Natia Guerrier- Kiwi                                   Mahyea Rahman- Strawberry

Emily Mondrus- Pomegranate                Michelle Barrera- Apple

Niyah DeCruz- Mango

Brianna Maldanado- Blueberry