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InashI remember it like it was yesterday. LaGuardia (LAG) was offering a double period photography class first semester of my Senior year. Since I was kind of a nerd in HS, I barely had any classes left to finish. Photography would be a great addition to my schedule. The first day was definitely intimidating but as the semester progressed, I became a bit more comfortable with my camera. I can’t say that I mastered anything in the darkroom but I loved the idea of creating the “ultimate photo” by understanding light, filters, and solutions. Not to mention, the quirky part of me really liked the smell of the darkroom too. I thought I had an eye for it but so much to learn. It was that semester that helped me grow a strong appreciation for photography. I was a painter but photography had a new place in my heart. I took and developed as many photographs as I could resulting a portfolio full of various images. It was one of my favorite semesters at Laguardia H.S.

I found out that year that I had enough credits to graduate a semester early. Yayyyy! Administration gave me a ton of deadlines including the last possible day to clean out my locker (which was approximately 2 weeks after the end of that semester). I tried to clean out everything I possibly could on the last day of school but I was an art major so I had a ton of things to lug on the train. Unable to wait to retrieve the rest of my belongings including my photo portfolio, I was back at Laguardia the following morning.

Worst day ever.

I approached an empty locker and almost thought I was on the wrong floor. I was mistaken. The office informed all early graduates of the 2 weeks to clean out our lockers but yet failed to tell the custodians office. Needless to say, my photography portfolio and favorite pair Nikes joined the Laguardia garbage that day. I was so upset and discouraged after working endlessly on those photos.

I hadn’t picked up a camera for a while. I had done so many art related things and would often find myself encouraging others with a “good eye” to follow photography. For a while, I lived vicariously through those people and would steal their SLRs when I had a chance. Beyond the aesthetically pleasing part of photography, I found deep pleasure in capturing “the moments”. This feeling inspired me to get an SLR about 4 weeks ago. I now live vicariously through my own introspective perspective of the world. Some of my recent shots were on display at The Distillery-Whiskey Glass Studios at 524 Hudson street, New York in collaboration with some other dope artists.

And so it was written. Today begins Photography by Inash (Inash, an anagram of Shani).

I guess you just have to See it to Believe it. Take a look through my lens.