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IMG_4480For years, Art Education has helped students with essential skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, cooperative team building, effective communication, & decision making. Art allows children to build, explore, and utilize their imagination while simultaneously developing their social, cognitive and gross motor skills.  It’s a vehicle of expression and a universal way for students to communicate their message to the world. Art encourages discovery, curiosity, and higher levels of thinking.  Art builds bridges across cultures, inspires fruitful dialogue and can be integrated across curriculums. More importantly, Art is FUN!

I remember when I began making art and how free the process made me feel. It became a way for me to visually express my thoughts, imagination, and emotions. As an Art Educator, my goal is to help students develop an appreciation for the Arts beyond the classroom; recognizing the role art plays in our world. Through art making, students learn to appreciate, value, and understand the creative process. Students learn to embrace their diverse ways of thinking and celebrate their particular vision of the world around them. It is through this education process, that students find their voice.