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For Parents



Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome back to another wonderful school year at P.S. 51! I am very excited to share yet another school year with you and our P.S.51 students. ART is very special in our children’s lives. It is a creative way for them to express themselves and it teaches them how to communicate visually in the world around them. Art bridges the gaps between various languages & cultures while giving students an opportunity to share their individualism at the same time. It truly helps our children appreciate each other’s differences. Art builds skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, imagination & observational skills, confidence through self-expression, and so much more.

The art process is just as important as the art product. Students learn the art process through several different art disciplines such as painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, sculpture, photography, mixed media, and more. Through these lessons they learn about various artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock, Faith Ringgold, Romare Bearden, and many more. All art projects often incorporate the elements of art (line, color, space, value, texture, shape & form) and well as a few principles (pattern, balance, emphasis, movement, proportion and scale).

Besides projects, students are graded on 5 criteria.

  • Develops skills at grade level. Develops own ideas and images. Craftsmanship.
  • Understands art concepts and lesson objectives. Applies knowledge to artwork.
  • Participates and shows effort during instruction, class time, & critiques.
  • Uses materials appropriately and with skill.
  • On task and shows appropriate behavior. Personal and social responsibility.

I look forward to working with you as much as with your children! I believe teamwork is the best way to make sure the P.S 51 students do their best. Besides, children love art! Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the art curriculum at and I encourage you to visit for updates and pictures of student work!


                                           Shani Perez- PS 51 Art Teacher


Ms. P’s Art Wish list


First off, thank you so much for always supporting our PS 51 Arts Department. Without you, so much of our ability to infuse our children’s lives with art would be impossible. The PS 51 artists and myself truly appreciate you believing in us  and the ART program!

I believe that children can make art out of almost anything. Recycling materials is very important as those recyclables can be used to create many various art projects. In addition, we are always making a mess in the art room!


There are just a few items that make life in the art room easier! This is my ART wish list for the 2014-2015 school year. Anything you can donate to the Art Room will be greatly appreciated!!

  • Baby Wipes for Hands***
  • Clorox Table Wipes***
  • Tissues
  • Paper Towels***
  • Old thick button up shirts (smocks)
  • Corks
  • Big Feathers
  • Sharpie Markers (black)
  • Zip-lock Storage bags