PS51 Project Runway 2013-2014 Jun24


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PS51 Project Runway 2013-2014

The Fashion Enrichment Group founded in October of 2008. Fashion Enrichment is a program that educates young students about Fashion Design. This year, students visited Fashion Institute of Technology, the Fashion Museum @ FIT and the High School of Fashion Industries for an amazing fashion showcase. From having very little knowledge of the fashion industry, these students evolve into a junior designer after 1 year and a senior designer after 2. In the Fashion Enrichment program, students learn the basics of fashion designing and specifically drawing techniques. They learn how to render fabrics and draw using a 10-head figure. They use materials such as marker paper, chartpak markers and design portfolios just like college students. At the end of the enrichment program, junior and senior designers create a 5-piece collection inspired by a theme they select. They then choose one of their designs to be sewn for the annual PS 51 Project Runway. Designers chose Candy and Desserts as their 2014 inspiration. We hope you enjoy the show & thank you for your ongoing support of our program!!

PS 51 Project Runway 2014

PS 51 Fashion Photos Link

Samantha (Senior Designer)- Bubble Gum Machine
Shawn (Senior Designer)- Swirly Lollipop
Blue (Junior Designer)- Macaroons
Sydney (Junior Designer)- Twizzlers
Ava (Junior Designer)- Cupcake
Amber (Junior Designer)- Chocolate Layer Cake
Rebecca (Junior Designer)- Candy Cane
Kimberlyn (Junior Designer)- Cotton Candy
Samantha (Junior Designer)- Oreo
Kamr’n Phillip (Junior Designer)- Banana Sundae
Melanie (Junior Designer)- Gingerbread House
Thalia (Junior Designer)- Rock Candy