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On Friday March 20, PS 51 hosted its very first Music Jam! Our amazing PS 51 Parent Musicians and students and some alum took the stage together to raise awareness and money for our PS 51 arts programs. Please visit www.fundps51.com to help us raise money for our school! Congrats to our PS51 artists, talented parents, awesome music teacher Katie Traxler, supportive teachers and empowering administration! PS 51 is without a doubt a very special place. When you walk through our doors, you hear the sound of our young, energetic, and oh so talented children who love coming to school because of the magical opportunities. Without your unending support, donations, and financial contributions, much of what we have here at PS 51 wouldn’t be possible. So thank you from the deepest part of my heart and from the hearts of our artists; for being present tonight. We truly appreciate you and hope you continue to support our very special children. Its such a blessing to love what you do, where you do it! www.fundps51.com


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