3rd Grade China Celebration

  • A boy is drawing a picture of a rat.
  • A boy drawing a snake on a piece of paper.
  • A drawing of a dog on a red background.
  • A drawing of a horse with mountains in the background.
  • A drawing of a monkey in the water.
  • A girl is posing for a picture in a classroom.
  • Clay sculptures of a crocodile and a lizard.
  • A group of clay sculptures on a table.
  • A group of clay sculptures on a table.
  • A clay sculpture of a crocodile on a table.
  • 3rd Grade toddler showing in painting art
  • A group of children are sitting at a table making art.
  • A group of children are sitting at a table making art.
  • A boy is sitting at a table and drawing on a piece of paper.
3rd Grade, Teaching

Thank you to Katie Traxler for putting this beautiful video together to showcase our P.S. 51 ARTS!

3rd Grade China Celebration

PS 51 Third Graders hosted their China Celebration to show off all that they discovered about China over the past several months including facts about fables, geographic landforms and maps, important cities and waterways, historical landmarks, government, festivals, animals, food, people, art, and music.

Special thanks to 3rd Grade teachers Dori, Julia, and Maria for making the magic happen in the classroom and for inspiring our students to really become experts on their subject matter. Thanks to Shani Perez (art) and Rafael Mejia (computer) as well.

Katie Traxler, Music Teacher


Nancy Sing-Bock, Principal


Shani Perez


Music is Yaozu Wuqu.


Students in the 3rd grade have been studying the Chinese Culture in their general classrooms. In Art, they learned about the Chinese Dragon and its role in the Chinese Culture. The ancient Chinese believed that dragons were real and possessed supernatural powers. Dragons were a symbol of power, strength, luck, honor, greatness, and success. The Dragon was a sign of imperial power in Chinese culture and were often known as the symbol of the Emperors. Chinese Emperors think they are the real dragons and the sons of the heaven. Modern day Chinese still identify themselves as being “the descendants of the dragon”. There were many types of dragons. The chinese dragon was a visual combination of nine different animals and could often be seen in the lucky colors of the Chinese culture.

Students learned that dragon figurines were very popular in Chinese culture. In this project students created Chinese Dragon clay figurines using techniques such as pressing, pinching, rolling, kneading. Take a look at what they did!!

Students of the 3rd grade have been conducting an ongoing China study in their general classrooms. In music and arts, students are also learning about the Chinese culture, the Chinese new year and much more. They review their knowledge on Chinese culture learned in their classroom and learned even more about the Chinese New Year’s holiday through art. Students then looked at various Chinese art and Chinese inspired art. They took a particular focus in Chinese New Year’s celebration stamps. Students chose their favorite animal of the Chinese zodiac and depicted it in their own creative stamp design.