Old Navy Online Campaign

Sooo…about a month ago, I received a call from Christian Yazdanpanah while teaching my 5th graders asking me about my Arts & Fashion program at PS51. They interviewed me and then asked about my vision behind my fashion program & told me I’d be contacted by a major company. That call led me to meet an awesome individual at I am OTHER Robby Wells who then introduced me to Darius Dixson who was insanely dope to work with. In the process, I met his beautiful lady and amazing vocalist Neki N. Bosh my new friend ?, Don Mclean Music Works NYC who all made this experience so much fun & meaningful. Definitely one of the most unique and best experiences! Sometimes beyond your comfort zone is where the magic happens. All inspired by the diverse kiddies I teach and their love for being exactly who they are.? Cheers Old Navy! #ONWARD

Artwork, Professional Work