Alexander Calder Inspired Sculptures

  • A book with colorful paper cut outs on it.
  • A colorful paper sculpture on a table.
  • A group of colorful paper sculptures on a table.
  • A piece of paper with colorful shapes on it.
2nd Grade, Teaching

Students in the 2nd grade learned about the famous 3-D sculptor Alexander Calder. They viewed many of his works including his sculptures, mobiles, and his famous Calder’s circus. Students learned all about Calder’s artistic family and Calder’s early discovered talent. They viewed 2the materials Calder used to create his artwork such as cloth, metal, yarn, string, cardboard, and wire which was one of his favorite mediums. They viewed many of Calder’s famous stabiles (sculptures that do not move) and his very famous mobiles (sculptures that move). They saw how Calder used various sized shapes and wires to create these amazing mobiles. 2nd graders then created their own mobiles inspired by Alexander Calder!!