MBAF- Manhattan Borough Arts Festival 2016!!

  • Four women posing for a photo at an event.
  • A person holding a staff id with flowers on it.
  • A group of people gathered in a room.
  • Two women standing next to each other at an event.
  • Two paintings on a wall next to each other.
  • Two women posing for a selfie in a hallway.
  • Framed comic strips on display in an art gallery.
  • A display of sculptures and paintings on a table.
  • A statue of a man sitting on a table.
  • A group of paintings hanging on a wall.
  • A line of framed drawings on a wall.
  • A collage of flowers and leaves with a woman's face.
  • A tv screen with a manhattan arts logo on it.
  • Manhattan manhattan arts festival.
  • Three women posing for a photo at an event.
  • A woman and a young girl posing for a photo.
  • A group of people standing in front of a display.
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What a pleasure working on the MBAF planning team! This year’s event was a true success and I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing group who are dedicated to advancing the arts in NYC! Cheers to Arts Education!