Space in Art

  • A drawing of a city with a plane in the sky.
  • A child's drawing of a penguin and penguins.
5th Grade, Teaching

Students studied the element of space in art with Student-Teacher Melissa Cheng. Students learned to look at space in various artworks observing the art of Thomas Cole, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, and more. They learned all about the background, middle ground, and foreground.

The foreground is the area of an image that appears to be in front of other objects in the image and that seems closest to the viewer.

The middle ground is an area of an image that appears in between objects in the foreground and the background.

The background is the area of an image that appears to be behind the main subject and seems farthest away from the viewer.

Using their knowledge of space, students created dioramas first by designing a background and then adding various foreground and middle ground elements to their space displays. Take a look at their work!!