TAG & DreamGalaxy venture to Kenya-2019

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  • Group of girls in school uniform posing
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  • Group of people smiling holding a cheque
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Global Impact Work, Portfolio

So many feelings watching this team in Kenya this past summer and thinking the journey all began with a conversation with @allison_anthonisz almost 2 years ago. I feel so full in spirit and proud of @msmartine_h & the @travel_give team as they have chosen to pay it forward in Nairobi, Kenya bringing this vision to fruition. Raised beyond the goal and shipped several barrels of much-needed supplies to the @angelcentrekenya and multi-sensory tools to the several schools for @itrustculture . Kenya was a game-changer for me as an Art Educator. When I ventured there a few years ago as a Consultant for the DreamAfrica now DreamGalaxy platform, I trained over 60+ local Educators from 9 different sub-counties, learned so much about their educational system, and of course experienced quite a few adventures. My Kenyan friends gave me the name Achieng which means born with the sun shining & light. While I was not there with the team this past summer, I was so happy that they changed/shifted lives and experienced the same light I experienced in Nairobi. @facebook @ps51manhattan among so many other donors, THANK YOU. Giving is a natural response of love & is one of my greatest joys! I was there in spirit this year and was so happy to be a part of this magic..  #TAGkenya #payitforward #gamechanger #education #reachoneteachone