2011-2012 Fashion

My 2011-2012 Fashion team was a small group but lots of fun! Inspired by animals and creatures of nature, this team did such a fabulous job designing their portfolios and final collections. This group consisted of 5 Junior designers (first year fashion students). In this club, designers learned about the basics of fashion designing including fashion drawing techniques, drawing the 10 head figure, rendering swatches, how to use special drawing tools on marker paper, proportion and balance, and understanding garment structure. They then designed 5 designs for their final collection and selected one to create for their runway show. Before the leave the club, each student creates a tribute video to next years designers. They worked incredibly hard. As seen above:

From the left:

Jose Verdis- inspired by an Arctic Bear

Joanne Cai- inspired by a Penguin

Apurva Singh- inspired by a Butterfly

Amanda Rodriguez- inspired by a Peacock

**Maria Hernandez- inspired by a leopard** Not seen above but partially participated in this years club.

Thank you for all of your hard work designers!!!


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