Collage Trees

  • A girl is making paper crafts in a classroom.
  • A young girl sitting at a table with a piece of paper.
  • A group of children are making paper crafts in a classroom.
  • A little girl holding up a paper tree.
  • A group of children are making paper crafts at a table.
Pre-K/K, Teaching

Kindergarten artists have been studying trees throughout the seasons in their general education classrooms. They’ve gone on several walking trips to observe trees and how they change as the season does. As a cross-curricular study, students have also been studying trees in art and music.

In this study, students learned about the art of collage making. They learned that a collage is a work of art created by gluing flat elements such as pictures photographs, newspapers, fabric, various types of paper, and more to a flat surface. They looked at both the cut and torn paper technique of collage making. Kindergarten students reflected on the observations made when looking at fall trees. Using the torn paper collage technique, they created their own fall tree collages using autumn colors.