Kindergarten X-ray Fish

  • A little girl is making a paper fish.
  • A young boy is painting a fish on a piece of paper.
  • A boy and a girl are working on a project in a classroom.
  • A drawing of a fish on brown paper.
  • A drawing of a fish on a brown paper.
  • A drawing of a fish on a brown paper.
Pre-K/K, Teaching

Kindergarten students learned about the art of the aboriginal people of Australia. They looked at the aboriginal drawings found in the Northern Territory of Australia. They learned all about the x-ray style and dot style painting seen within their artwork. This lesson was designed to support their newly acquired knowledge of the various lines in art. Students created x-ray style fish using various lines that they recently learned about. They then used the dots style of the aboriginal people to enhance their work. Take a look at what they did!