CONSTELLATION FOR A CONUNDRUM, 2014 by artist Janelle Iglesias.

2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, Teaching

Recently at the PS51 Back 2 School event, parents and students learned about the newly installed sculpture CONSTELLATION FOR A CONUNDRUM, 2014 by artist Janelle Iglesias. A ceiling-mounted sculpture created for the P.S. 51 atrium, a 2-story alcove leading to the school’s playground. The sculpture is a three-dimensional rendering of two different solution strategies to the classic “9 dots puzzle.” Nine objects are suspended from the ceiling representing the nine dots. The aluminum pipe forms a constellation configured to match the solutions to the puzzle. Here, the phrase ‘thinking outside the box’ is most apparent, as it is a restatement of the solution strategy.

Janelle conducted 15 workshops with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-grade classes. She shared her artwork with the PS 51 artists and described her installation vision for the new space. She then taught students how to create a triangular prism using straw and string and eventually to create giant prisms with paper & colorful masking tape! Needless to say, students had a blast! Each student created triangular prisms individually and collectively. When joined together, fabulous mobile’s were created and are now hanging on the fourth floor! We are so happy to have had a partnership with Public Art for Public Schools (PAPS).

Check out the pics by clicking the link below