Fashion 2013-2014

  • A girl holding up a drawing.
  • A young girl smiles while sitting at a table.
  • A girl wearing glasses and a pink shirt.
  • A girl in a blue shirt is smiling.
  • A girl wearing a pink shirt with a cat on it.
  • A young girl smiling at a table.
  • A young girl wearing glasses is sitting in a chair.
  • A girl giving a thumbs up.
  • A girl holding a book.
  • A girl with blonde hair holding a piece of paper.
  • Group of toddlers having fun time
  • Two young girls hugging each other in a classroom.
  • A girl wearing a purple jacket.
  • A young girl wearing a tee shirt with a heart on it.
  • A young girl in a denim jacket standing in front of a group of people.
Fashion, Teaching

Meet the jr designers 

I am super excited about the Fashion Enrichment 2013 group! We are off to a wonderful start learning all about the world of fashion! Before diving into the art of fashion designing, 2013 junior designers are in the process of learning fashion basics & building relationships all while having tons of fun!! Look out for their designs this year. I am sure they will be phenomenal!!