Fashion Inspiration

  • A group of young people posing for a picture.
  • The 2012-2013 fashion designers would like to thank mrs colon.
  • A girl is standing in front of a waterfall.
  • A boy is standing in front of an image of a volcano.
  • Summer inspired by the rainforest.
  • Megan inspired by the jungle.
  • Candy inspired by the desert.
  • Samantha inspired by tropical paradise.
  • Jamie inspired by the ice.
  • A girl is standing in front of a waterfall.
  • Tina inspired by the city.
  • A photo of a boy in front of a starry sky.
  • Tiffany inspired by the deep sea.
Fashion, Teaching

What is a fashion show with out inspiration? Students in the Fashion Enrichment program were inspired by natural habitats and environments. Using this inspiration, students designed collections and selected one piece to create for their fashion show. Check out their inspirations above and stay tuned for their Fashion Show pics!!

It has been an AMAZING year for the PS 51 Artists & Junior Fashion Designers! They have worked so hard this year. Kudos to each and every one of them! Enjoy their ART & FASHION Celebration videos!


FASHION VIDEO: Coming soon!!

Until next year!!

Shani P.