Native American Celebration

  • A group of children are sitting in front of wooden drums.
  • A model of a hut with a fire in the middle.
  • A group of children posing for a picture.
  • A group of children standing around a table with a model of a house.
  • A group of children are sitting in front of wooden drums.
  • A group of children sitting on a wooden bench.
  • A group of children standing on a stage.
  • A group of people standing on a stage.
  • A group of girls sitting on the floor with crowns on their heads.
4th Grade, Teaching

The 4th grade artists learned so much about the Native Americans in their study! They learned about their culture, art, music, housing, clothing, and overall way of life. For this month they immersed themselves into the Native American culture and exhibited their knowledge through art-making, musical performance and dance. We are so proud of these artists! Take a look at their NATIVE AMERICAN CELEBRATION pictures and video!!!

4th Grade Native American Photos:

4th Grade Native American Video (Part 1) :

4th Grade Native American Video (Part 2) :


Fourth grade artists have been studying Native American life and culture in their general education classes. In efforts to support their learning, they have been simultaneously learning about Native American Art and culture in Visual Art class and Music! In their classes, they learned that many Native Americans were nomadic and never really settled in one place for a long period of time. They learned about various housing of different groups such as the Sioux, the Iroquois indians, the Navajo Nation and more. In this art lesson, students learned about Native American housing, the structure, the function, and materials used to build them. 4th grade artists learned about wigwams, longhouses, tepees, and more! They then used recycled materials to build a few 3-D Native American houses.

Students in the 4th grade have been learning all about Native Americans and their culture in their 4th grade Social Studies unit. in support of cross curricular integration, students simultaneously learned about Native Americans through music and ART! In Art, students looked closely at the culture and lifestyle of the Native American people, their housing, clothing, and more. Students studied various pictographs used in their culture to not only identify each other but serve as communication. They discussed the use on natural materials and resources to create items used in their daily life. Students in the 4th grade thought deeply about the names given in the Native American culture and how these names often described character. They then thought of a name that would best describe them and their character. 4th grade artists then created a pictograph to represent their name as the Native Americans would. They painted those symbols on handmade headbands & vests made from crumpled recycled brown paper to resemble the animal skin used for clothing in the Native American culture!