The Blue Morpho

  • A group of people posing for a photo in a gymnasium.
  • Two girls working on a painting on the floor.
  • A group of children posing for a picture in front of a stage.
  • A boy laying on the floor with a crocodile costume.
  • A boy is working on a painting at a table.
  • A girl wearing a purple hoodie.
  • A group of children sitting on the floor with cardboard boxes.
5th Grade, Teaching

PS 51 5th grade students worked over the last several months to develop an original script into a large-scale production called The Blue Morpho. Students wrote the script, auditioned for parts, composed and arranged music for each scene and scene change. They designed and painted amazing sets, props, and designed and created costumes, and learned to work the lighting, sound, and projection system backstage. Each student chose a team to be a part of–cast, set/costume design, orchestra, or backstage crew– where they felt they could use their talents. It was a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun! Congratulations 5th graders & all who made this possible! We are so proud of you! Check out the video!

Blue Morpho Pics

Blue Morpho Video (Part 1)

Blue Morpho Video (Part 2)

Katie Traxler, Music Teacher

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Nancy Sing-Bock, Principal PS 51

Shani Perez, Art Teacher